Saturday, March 16, 2024

The Color Purple

I was all over the place last month... and I still am, lol, but at least I'm being productive. 

The color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this month is purple, so I am making 3" hourglass units ....


..... to make these blocks.....

.... for this quilt, which is Bonnie Hunter's Hourglass Leader and Ender Challenge from 2016, and which you can find here. The purples are the outermost border, and I need 200 units to make 50 blocks. Lots of cutting, lots of sewing, lots of scraps. 

When the RSC rotation for pinks, limey greens, and aquas are selected, I'll be working on those rounds. The neutrals can come whenever. In the meantime, the center two blocks, which are orange, are assembled. This is so fun!

1 comment:

Chantal said...

Wow! Quite a project but so lovely. You have some beautiful purple fabric to play with. Enjoy! ;^)