Thursday, July 4, 2019

One Monthly Goal for July

This Quilt of Valor has been hanging around the sewing room for quite a while. I got it finished and managed to get it loaded on the longarm, and there it sits. It's going to be another hectic month, so I don't want my goal to be too lofty. My goal is simply to finish this quilt. It really should be doable!

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Still haven't finished the Star Crazy quilt. That'll probably be a reboot for OMG in August, after the craziness of quilt show is over.

Happy Fourth of July!

Pizza Box Challenge

The reveal for our quilt chapter's pizza box challenge was a few weeks ago at the last meeting of our membership year. This was my quilt, and I really like it. Every border except the first one was triangles, so I guess that was the theme, lol. I especially like border #2, with the tan background. For me, that makes the quilt.

These are the quilts I worked on during the challenge. Border #1 was my handiwork on this one.

Border #2....

Border #3....

...and Border #4.

If you're interested, you can see the rest of the challenge quilts here

I am not a designer, but I got through it. Probably the biggest challenge for quite a few of us was getting a border to fit when either the quilt wasn't square or the length of the sides didn't correlate to a particular block size. The quilt that I appliqued the fans on finished to 22" when I got it, which doesn't divide evenly by anything except 2. What do you do with that? I went with the applique, but during the reveal, I saw some other border ideas that would have worked equally well.

In September we'll begin a new membership year, and this year we're hoping to do a themed row by row challenge. I think that will be easier.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Goings On

My elder son is traveling today, so we spent yesterday at his home and celebrated Father's Day. It was a beautiful day, so we cooked ribs on the grill and played badminton in the back yard for a while. While we played, my granddaughter was running all over the place, trying to scoop up all the birdies, lol. She was worn out by bedtime.

Last weekend we stayed at the lake. Sunday morning the water was so still that the sky and the mountain across the lake were perfectly reflected in the water. This is the view from our living room window. I am putting together a small sewing room upstairs by the window so I can see the lake.

I found this jack-in-the-pulpit in bloom in the yard, a couple of them, in fact. Several weeks ago I found some enormous red trilliums. We must have missed the early bloomers, so I'm hoping to see some ladies' slippers next spring. 

I still haven't learned to scale back my expectations for setting goals in the sewing room, working on that, lol. Between finishing up the Yankee Puzzle quilts and the pizza box challenge, there wasn't much time left for anything else, including my project for One Monthly Goal. This Yankee Puzzle wasn't my stated goal for May, but it was my finish for the month.

I quilted this scrappy one for my friend, same pattern, different arrangement. My quilt chapter has made quite a few of these, and it's amazing sometimes how different they look.

I also finished the last round of our pizza box challenge a week ago, SO glad to get that finished. The reveal is Wednesday, and I am sure everyone is anxious to see the finishes.

Although One Monthly Goal for May was a fail for me, I did make some headway on the Star Crazy quilt. I have two more rows of half square triangles to sew for the top and bottom, then it will be smoother sailing for the last three borders, all plain.

I have started my work for Maine Quilts 2019 this month, so I knew better than to set a OMG for June. I'll chip away at it as I have the time. I am also cutting and kitting up blocks for Lori Holt's Christmas Vintage book that was just released. Looking forward to starting on that.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

One Monthly Goal for May

Isn't spring supposed to be here? It is still in the 40s this morning, and it's raining and miserable. Last time I drove up to Jackman for quilt retreat, it was raining and miserable. Jackman is in the mountains; and the last 20 minutes of the drive, the rain changed over to snow. It got downright scary. There is no snow in the weekend forecast, thankfully.

My One Monthly Goal for May is to finish this quilt. The pattern is called Star Crazy by Sue Garman, and it was a featured block of the month four or more years ago on Alex Anderson's online Quilt Show. There are seven more borders that must be sewn on, two of them pieced. The pieced units are finished, so that'll help speed things along.

There are some gorgeous quilts folks plan to work on this month, including one with Converse sneakers, lol. To see what goals others have set for themselves for the month of May, click here.

I'd still like to get those other three quilts from last month finished but better to not bite off more than I can chew, lol.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

April OMG Done!

My goal for April was to finish Yankee Puzzle #3, and I just finished mere minutes ago. Whew! I knew it was nuts to hope I could get three more quilts finished and bound; but without the push from OMG, I'm sure I wouldn't have finished this one either.

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I quilted it with a pantograph called Spilled Ink, and it was harder than I anticipated to stay on the lines when I quilted it. So it's, lol. But, as the Dear Janers used to say, finished is better than perfect.

It's been such a busy month. My granddaughter stayed with us for nearly two weeks while her mum and dad were traveling out of state. Mini is a toddler, so she was all over the place, running up and down the length of the house playing. No chance of getting any sewing done while she was awake, and I was just too darn tired after she went to bed in the evenings.

There was clean up after she went back home, which was just last Wednesday; then a Saturday meeting, and moving one of my sons to a new location on Sunday. Truthfully, I'm amazed I managed to get this quilt finished.

I am leaving for a quilt retreat on Thursday for four days, and I am so looking forward to it. I plan to work on a few projects that I want to work on, not those I should be working on--all paper pieced, two scrappy, one planned. I won't finish any of them, but it'll be fun.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

One Monthly Goal for April

I started the last of the three Yankee Puzzle quilts for my quilt chapter's charity project this year, and my goal this month is to finish the quilt in its entirety. I am having a house guest for a couple of weeks in the middle of the month, so I hope it's not an overly ambitious goal. To see what goals others have set for themselves for the month of April or to sign up, click here.

These are 24-block quilts, and I have just the 6 blocks made so far, so 18 to finish up plus a little 4" border will bring it up to the size I need. The blocks finish to 13-1/2", so they'll go quickly as long as I make the time to sit down and do it. 
Yankee Puzzle #2 is on the frame waiting for quilting....

...and Yankee Puzzle #1 is still waiting for a backing.

On top of all that, I'd also like to get my QOV quilted and bound. Four quilts finished and out the door this month would be lovely. I think this might be the last of my charity projects for several months, until I get more of my own projects done.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Last Finish for March

I've been sick with a very bad cold for a week now; but before that, I finished quilting and binding my Ombre Herringbone for NICU, an ongoing charity project for my quilt chapter. The diamonds are strip pieced in the same manner as the Strip Tease quilt I made a long time ago. I actually finished another one of these Strip Tease quilts last year, but I've been wanting to try some variations. This Ombre Herringbone was one of them. I changed the angle of the diamond so that I could chop it in half evenly where the colors changed. 

I used a gradation of four fabrics I hand dyed years ago to make the quilt. During the piecing process, I had to wash a couple of pieces that were already sewn together, and the blue bled. I worried about whether or not the blues would bleed when the quilt was washed; so I washed it in Synthrapol, which is supposed to suspend any excess dye in the wash water. The white pieces on the front came out perfectly white, every one of them; but my flannel backing, which was originally white with blue frogs, is now blue with blue frogs. A backing dyed to match. Couldn't have worked out better if I'd planned it that way, lol. Just wish I knew why that happened.

Adult bibs for Alzheimer's patients and for use in local assisted living facilities was another project my quilt chapter worked on last month. These are pretty simple to make, and I finished four more of them right before I got sick. 
I also managed to get a couple batches of melt and pour soap made this week before my energy was totally sapped.  Dinosaurs for the little girl who likes dinosaurs....
 ....and succulents. Making soap is just plain fun.