Thursday, October 27, 2016

Tacoma Quilt Show

My problems with Blogger have apparently been resolved, and thanks to those who wrote to me about the email forwarding issue. I learned a few things I didn't know before.

I spent the latter half of September and the first half of October scrambling to get some quilts finished for our chapter quilt show, which was the weekend of October 15. Not only did I have three quilts to finish, to include two big ones, but I was also on a couple of committees for the show itself, so lots to do.

We do a quilt show every other year, and our theme this year was Log Cabin. Log cabin quilts abounded in the show--nearly a quarter of all the quilts in the show were log cabins. 

I put seven quilts in the show, including two log cabins. One was a 24" mini hourglass log cabin, which appeared on my blog here, and this was the other one, Crooked Cabins. 196 six-inch blocks and all paper pieced from a pattern with crooked logs in the Sew Precise software  (Electric Quilt Co). It started as a block swap between four online friends, and then I spent the next 15 years making additional blocks here and there. Truthfully, I never thought I would get this done. Gave it away just yesterday to a dear friend who needed a proper quilt for her bed.

 The setting for the quilt came from a quilt I saw at the Heritage Quilt Museum in Lancaster, PA some years back. That particular quilt used squares instead of logs and had fewer blocks than mine, so I played around with the corner blocks in EQ7 until I came up with a setting I liked.

I started Indian Summer last fall; and when the trees were finally bare, I lost interest in the quilt and back into the closet it went. Decided to get it finished this year for quilt show, and my husband claimed it right after the show ended.

The pattern was "Fall, Leaves, Fall" from Cozy Quilts.

Someone gave me this pantograph, with loops and leaves, and I love it!

Thanksgiving Dinner, measuring 22" x 28", was another longtime UFO that I finished in time for quilt show. It was a pattern from Pine Tree Lodge Designs (which may not exist anymore), called "Turkey Time". Love that turkey! I enjoy paper piecing; but if I remember correctly, templates were used for all of the piecing. Although you can't see it, the stems on the apples are three-dimensional.

Another mini that went into the show was Cascadia, from a quiltalong on I discovered it quite a while after the quiltalong ended, but the directions are still on Lori's blog. She does these mini quiltalongs from time to time, and they all seem to be based on antique quilts that she's seen one place or another. She's just finished another quiltalong called Quilters Madder, and I cut out the pieces for that one yesterday. The Cascadia quilt measures roughly 16" x 17".

The other two quilts I put in the show were my Dakota Farmer, from the last post, and It's Not Plaid, which was on the blog here.

You can see more of the quilts from our quilt show, including the quilt that won Viewer's Choice, here.