Monday, February 28, 2011

February Finish

The headless dinosaur strippy quilt is finished. Well, there are a few dino heads that didn't get cut off, but not for the main character, the T-rex. He shall remain headless.

It's a wonder the quilt got finished at all. My top thread shredded about 50 times while I was trying to quilt this top, and I was on the verge of throwing both the quilt and the machine right out the window. But I persevered and managed to finish it. Don't know what finally fixed the machine, I just kept fooling with things until it worked.

I like that Ebb and Flow pantograph from Willow Leaf. It's pretty easy to quilt, and it was the same shape as the dino tails, so it worked well for me.

Life has been very busy this month. We spent a week in Chicago, drove out to see our son's graduation from boot camp. His girl rode out with us from Maine, and the two of them got married over the weekend. Maybe a photo or two of those events later.

I've finished 3 more small quilt tops, I'm adding borders to 2 larger ones, and I'm in the middle of quilting a twin sized top right now, all of which you'll see eventually. Just had to get the February post done for the One Project a Month challenge.