Thursday, January 5, 2012

Orca Bay Mystery

Bonnie Hunter started posting the parts for her annual mystery quilt, Orca Bay, in November. There were 8 parts altogether, posted over a period of about 7 weeks. All of the parts have now been posted, and the full quilt has been revealed.

I started working on mine shortly after Part 1 was posted in November and finished probably 50 of 224 double hourglass units before Part 2 was posted. It was all sort of downhill from there. I did as Bonnie suggested, doing a few units from each part if you couldn't keep up. A good idea, and I was going right along up to about Part 5, and then things got too busy because of the holidays.

After New Year's I went back and started again with Part 1, and tonight I finished all 224 double hourglass units. Yay! I feel like all I've done for weeks is make double hourglasses. Doesn't really look like 224 little blocks, does it?

For Part 2, I need 72 cute little blue string blocks. I managed to get 40 of those sewn up last month, so only 32 to go. Tomorrow is a sew day at Koleen's, so I'll get the rest done tomorrow.


Julie Fukuda said...

I'm amazed that during such a busy holiday season so many people have been able to make all those little bits and pieces and keep up. I made one mystery quilt from a magazine, the only one I have ever done by machine, and it ended up a UFO for years ... and once I saw the solution, I changed it!

Andee said...

I hear ya...I am plugging away on this too..seems like I work on it every day but I am swimming in place in Orca Bay, LOL!