Saturday, March 17, 2012

March Finish

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We were going to have a nice Irish potato soup for supper; but I was busy quilting, and my husband was busy outside, and nobody wanted to cook. So we had pizza, and Shamrock Shakes from McDonald's for dessert. I had a Shamrock Shake once three or four years ago and then forgot about them 'til this year. They're so darn good that it's a good thing they only offer them for a few weeks in March.

Tesselating Leaves is my finish for March, a small quilt top I finished about 12 years ago and never quilted. It's a good example of why I don't do mystery quilts anymore. I liked these fabrics very much when I chose them, but the tan fabric blends right in with the peach, and the leaf pattern is lost. Overall, I don't think the quilt has much impact, but it will make a fine little lap quilt for someone in a nursing home. I'm happy to have another UFO finished and out the door.


Shari said...

The Shamrock Shake looks good! A lovely treat for you and the family. Your tesselating leaves quilt looks interesting - must feel good to finish it. Do you think you'll ever make another one?

Julie Fukuda said...

A big St Paddy's day parade was getting ready to kick off outside our church as I left... was raining ... and I spent all day yesterday in the cold and rain, so I patted all the Irish wolfhounds in their pretty green outfits and all the Irish setters in their green neckerchiefsand came home to quilt. I like those quiet maple leaves. I know what a challenging pattern that is ... never made one without some un-sewing.

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

I think you quilt is lovely. I quit doing mystery quilt too, for the same reason. If I'm going to spend the time and money. I want to know how it will turn out. Wow! That shake looks good.