Thursday, March 6, 2014

Quilting Finishes

Nearly everything in January got put on hold because of a surgery scheduled mid month, but I did finish this quilt ahead of time.
It looks a little plain to me, but I liked it anyway after it was done. I bought the fabrics several years ago online and was disappointed with both the scale of the prints as well as the colors. Shopping from catalogs sometimes presents challenges. I saw an opportunity to use them up when one of my quilting pals suggested a challenge from this pattern, which was called "PS I Love You", from the Wilmington Prints website. 

My surgical procedure, which most folks never heard of, was performed to alleviate symptoms of a rare disorder that most folks never heard of. Three hours in the O/R, six incisions across my belly, and an overnight stay in the hospital. Now that the surgery is seven weeks behind me, I'm feeling like my old self again, and most everything that has ailed me for the last three years has finally been resolved. I am a fortunate woman.

Our quilt chapter conducts a Mini Raffle most meetings. It's a fundraiser for the chapter, and members donate all the items. I took a turn in January and made this travel iron tote and donated the iron too. Cute, cute pattern and easy to make. I used silicone fabric for the lining, so you can take it to class, use it as a small ironing mat, then pack up the hot iron in the tote to take it back home. The pattern is from Sisters Common Thread and is simply called "Travel Iron Tote".

I also made some mesh bags from Nancy Ota's line of Zip It bags. This zippered pouch is perfect to carry around all my knitting notions--scissors, markers, ruler, pencil, tape measure, and so forth. I made a smaller wallet size as well. The mesh is vinyl, and is available in a range of colors. A friend of mine has made them for cosmetics, kids' crayons and school supplies, and other creative uses. The pattern, "Zip It ScreenPlay II", includes directions for five sizes.

Nancy has a couple different patterns for mesh totes, and I made the medium size from the "Screenplay" pattern as a birthday gift for someone in my quilt chapter. Haven't made one for myself yet, but I intend to make a couple to use as totes for small knitting projects, like socks. Next time I'll make them a little deeper and make the handle longer.


Julie Fukuda said...

So glad your surgery had a good outcome. Your quilt turned out wonderful. I love the way the blocks seem to move with that pattern.

Judy S. said...

Sorry you had to have surgery, but it sounds like you now feel a lot better which is great! Very pretty quilt, and cute tote, too.