Saturday, November 5, 2016

Jackman Retreat

Last weekend was Fall Retreat up in the mountains of Jackman, ME. Twelve of us from quilt group were in attendance, along with other quilters from around the state for a total of 25 quilters. Despite the fact that it was a tad crowded, we all had a great time and got lots of work done.

The drive up was frightful--rain for most of the two and a half hour drive. 20 minutes away from Jackman, the rain changed over to all snow. The snow was wet and slushy, and driving up on the mountain was more than a little hair raising. After we got settled at the resort, it snowed hard the rest of the afternoon, then changed back to rain. By Sunday, the roads were all clear so a nice drive back home. This was the view from our work room.

A number of tops were completed over the three-day retreat, and this was one of my favorites. The fabrics were all from Jinny Beyer, and I'm guessing it was a kit.

Joyce, a new quilter we met, must have had most of her top together before she arrived and then finished it at retreat. This was her original design.

I spent two weeks before retreat cutting and kitting up about 12 quilts, knowing full well I might touch 3 of them at retreat. And now, all that work is done! I worked on a quilt of valor; a small quilt called "Quilters Madder" from a new
quiltalong on Lori's blog,; and Charity Baby #5, "Jumping for Joy" from the latest issue of Quiltmaker magazine. The quilt in the magazine was quite a bit larger, but mine is only 36" square, which is the size our quilt group has been making this year and last. I'll bind it in the blue.

 Halloween was Monday, of course, so I made this Sweet Pea Pod from Lazy Girl Designs from black vinyl mesh and crammed it full of candy for, I guess what would be my step-grandson, who lives away. My son, his wife, her son, and Baby Girl all came up for a visit on Sunday, and I was very happy they were all still here when I got back from Jackman. I added a band of Halloween fabric to the mesh.

Baby Girl is 4 months old now and a very happy little baby.


Margo in Maine said...

Your grand baby is all the pics you shared from the was a fun weekend...and yes it was very scary driving up that mountain to Jackman...but worth it. love all the things you shared...very nice.

Judy S. said...

Love the grand baby photo! Congrats! Sounds like a fun and productive retreat.

Galveston Gal said...

Thank you for sharing! The blue quilt is so fetching to it possible that you know the name of the pattern/where I can get it. It is so nice <3