Wednesday, January 25, 2017

365 Challenge Week 3

I should have gotten this post up Monday but was too busy sewing. Although last week's blocks were pretty easy, the pieces are getting smaller. Kathryn promises nothing smaller than 1/2" finished, and one of these blocks had squares that finish at 1/2".

I think Kathryn intends for the sampler to be something of a learning experience as well, as there are quite a few tutorials on her website. Half square triangles were introduced last week, and they were easy enough to do. I am not enthused about making half square triangle units that finish at 1/2", but I have a feeling they're coming, lol.


Denise said...
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Chantal L. said...

You're doing good. The challenge is not only making a block a day but also working with little pieces. I have learned a few things making this small blocks and I also got addicted to them, lol. Good job on keeping up. ;^)