Monday, December 25, 2017

White Christmas

It is snowing today in Maine, with a prediction of 8 - 12" of snow. It is the first White Christmas we've had in 15 years. Son #2 came down Saturday morning before the worst of the ice storm; Son #1 and family will try to get up here today, hopefully by noon.

In the meantime, we will have fried dough for Christmas breakfast. My parents were from Maine, and we had fried dough every year on Christmas morning. Never heard of it anywhere else 'til we moved to Maine, so it must be a Maine thing. After I was married, hubby carried on the tradition; and now my kids look forward to it every Christmas.

No time to do Bonnie Hunter's annual Thanksgiving mystery this year; but I've collected all the parts and look forward to making it at some point, and I'm anxious to see the reveal.

In fact, not much time for quilting the latter half of this year; but come New Year's, I intend to really put the pedal to the metal. I have a long list of UFOs and quilts for the family I want to finish this year. Not getting any younger!

I wish all of you the most splendid Christmas with your families and friends. Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays!


Chantal said...

May your son gets home safe and sound. Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season. We have snow here, Ottawa Ontario, too. Nope, never heard of fried dough but I'm giving it a try today because it looks delicious. Enjoy the precious moments with family. ;^)

Lynette said...

Merry Christmas, Sue! I hope your people all arrived safely with the snow. We only have tidbits left in the shade from a light snow two days ago. You should join us with the 18 in 2018 challenge to help keep momentum going on the UFOs you mentioned. Deana and I are particularly committed to a good working of those in this next year.

Julie Fukuda said...

Brrrr! I think our bright blue sky is more to my liking, even with gusty winds. One think about those UFOs, they get very patient with time. Best wishes for the holidays.

cityquilter grace said...

one thing i do NOT miss about maine and new england...the's cold here of course but hardly ever any snow....stay warm and safe!

Judy S. said...

We had a white Christmas, too! Happy New Year; it's great to see your posts again.