Saturday, February 9, 2019

Yankee Puzzle

I spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday cutting and kitting up fabric for this Yankee Puzzle quilt. This picture is an image from EQ8, but I do have one made up. My quilt chapter is very charity minded, so we are having a workshop next month to make 10 of these quilts to donate to a local area veterans' shelter. The chapter paid for all of the materials for these quilts; so several of us washed, ironed, and cut fabric for the kits. I think a few chapter members will also make their own quilts, so hopefully we'll have more than 10 finished quilts.

For those who are interested, the designer wrote instructions to construct the quilt and made a series of step-by-step videos detailing each step. That post is here.

This was my chapter's raffle quilt from our show this past October. It's called Scrap Crystals, designed by Bonnie Hunter. (Yes, we got permission to use it as a raffle quilt.) My dear friend Koleen passed away in July 2017 from cancer, and one of the things she told us before she died was that she wanted Tacoma to have this quilt for our raffle quilt. At that point it was still just a top, so one of our members quilted it, I bound it, and it became part of our October 2018 quilt show. We earned over a thousand dollars from ticket sales from Koleen's quilt, half of which we just spent for the Yankee Puzzle kits.

The winner of the raffle quilt heard the story about Koleen and gave the quilt back to us because he thought one of our members should have it. We again raffled the quilt, internally, and awarded it to one of our members. From that second raffle, we earned  $760. Thursday five of us made a trip to the Harold Alfond Center for Cancer Care in Augusta to donate those funds, to be used for cancer patients within our own communities. I think Koleen would have been very pleased.

I bought this puff quilt for my granddaughter and her brother for Christmas 2017. This is one of those things that I never had a desire to make and was more than happy to pay someone else to do it, swore I'd never make one. About two weeks ago, dear DIL, who is not a quilter, in fact can barely thread a needle, decided she wanted to make one of these things. So! I hunted down a YouTube video detailing the process, and I will be spending the day today helping her put this together....

I'm taking this cute little apron down with me today for my granddaughter. It's vinyl-coated fabric, not stiff at all, so just a quick wipe to clean it up. One of my friends actually made it for one of her great grandchildren; but it was too small, so she gave it to me. What I absolutely love about it is that there are casings on the sides, so you can adjust the size of the tie around the neck. Brilliant!

Baby Girl has always loved to put things in my shirt pockets, so I wanted to make her an apron but never got around to it. Problem solved! She's two and a half, so I think it will fit her just fine. Barbara gave me the leftover fabric from the apron, so I added the pockets after the fact.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I have some of the vinyl coated fabric in Dr. Seuss print. I think I'll have to make aprons like that for my great-grandsons age 2 and 5. They love to help in the kitchen.

Judy S. said...

Love that quilt! I'll bet the apron gets lots of use, too. So nice to see your posts again!