Thursday, July 4, 2019

Pizza Box Challenge

The reveal for our quilt chapter's pizza box challenge was a few weeks ago at the last meeting of our membership year. This was my quilt, and I really like it. Every border except the first one was triangles, so I guess that was the theme, lol. I especially like border #2, with the tan background. For me, that makes the quilt.

These are the quilts I worked on during the challenge. Border #1 was my handiwork on this one.

Border #2....

Border #3....

...and Border #4.

If you're interested, you can see the rest of the challenge quilts here

I am not a designer, but I got through it. Probably the biggest challenge for quite a few of us was getting a border to fit when either the quilt wasn't square or the length of the sides didn't correlate to a particular block size. The quilt that I appliqued the fans on finished to 22" when I got it, which doesn't divide evenly by anything except 2. What do you do with that? I went with the applique, but during the reveal, I saw some other border ideas that would have worked equally well.

In September we'll begin a new membership year, and this year we're hoping to do a themed row by row challenge. I think that will be easier.

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Julie Fukuda said...

I have heard of this type of group challenge and thought it interesting but maybe a bit difficult , especially in the timing of each exchange. Those turned out really nice.