Saturday, March 16, 2019

A Finish and OMG Done

We headed south last weekend to see Mini (what her mama has been calling my little granddaughter, as in Mini Me from an old Austin Powers movie, lol) and also to finish the puff quilt ... and it is finished, whew! I swear it was harder getting the backing on than anything else in the quilt. I cut it smaller than the top, because it, well, puffs; so I was afraid the backing would stick out around the edges.  In cutting it smaller, I wound up having to create another pleat in the puffs around the edges to ease in the extra fullness. Never again!!

Today should have been a paperwork day, but it's turned into a sew day, which is way more fun. Just checked off my One Monthly Goal, which was to finish the top of my In Honor Of (credits here). Yay, I like it so much!

This has been sitting around for a couple years at least. Fulfilling a goal set by me that doesn't necessarily have to be an entire quilt every month is so doable. I think this will work out just fine as long as I don't get too ambitious.

It also happens to be UFO Challenge #9 on my chapter list, so now I need to get it quilted!

Update: to see what others have finished for the month of March, click here.

Next up, quilt the Ombre Herringbone, which is waiting on the frame. And...

... another Yankee Puzzle I started in our chapter workshop a week and a half ago. Haven't got the first one quilted yet, but I'll get there. Still working on sewing the blocks. All of my fish MUST be swimming in the same direction, so I am trying to keep the black away from the border strip so there will be enough contrast. It's getting complicated, lol.
My quilt chapter is also doing a round robin this year, which they've called the Pizza Box Challenge. Guess why. I'm not a designer--I'm a need-a-recipe-give-me-a-pattern-any-day girl; so I'm asking myself why I signed up. That said, I finished round 1, and I'm happy with it. I kept it simple, no need to make myself nuts. The reveal isn't until June, so I can't show you a thing!

This is the center block I made for my challenge. I love scrappy, so I ran with it and included bunches of fall fabrics in my box. Of course it'll be interesting to see what comes home.


Patty said...

Great quilt! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

SueR said...

Thank you, Patty!

Pat said...

Found you by way of Patty’s OMG group - your red, white and blue quilt really finished up the design!