Sunday, March 31, 2019

Last Finish for March

I've been sick with a very bad cold for a week now; but before that, I finished quilting and binding my Ombre Herringbone for NICU, an ongoing charity project for my quilt chapter. The diamonds are strip pieced in the same manner as the Strip Tease quilt I made a long time ago. I actually finished another one of these Strip Tease quilts last year, but I've been wanting to try some variations. This Ombre Herringbone was one of them. I changed the angle of the diamond so that I could chop it in half evenly where the colors changed. 

I used a gradation of four fabrics I hand dyed years ago to make the quilt. During the piecing process, I had to wash a couple of pieces that were already sewn together, and the blue bled. I worried about whether or not the blues would bleed when the quilt was washed; so I washed it in Synthrapol, which is supposed to suspend any excess dye in the wash water. The white pieces on the front came out perfectly white, every one of them; but my flannel backing, which was originally white with blue frogs, is now blue with blue frogs. A backing dyed to match. Couldn't have worked out better if I'd planned it that way, lol. Just wish I knew why that happened.

Adult bibs for Alzheimer's patients and for use in local assisted living facilities was another project my quilt chapter worked on last month. These are pretty simple to make, and I finished four more of them right before I got sick. 
I also managed to get a couple batches of melt and pour soap made this week before my energy was totally sapped.  Dinosaurs for the little girl who likes dinosaurs....
 ....and succulents. Making soap is just plain fun.


Chantal said...

Congratulations on your beautiful finish. So sorry to hear you were sick. Hope all is well now and you can sew to your heart's content. ;^)

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Love your blue and white quilt--so fun! I always have a lot of problems with hand dyes--they are so beautiful, but scary when they run!

Judy S. said...

Hope you are feeling lots better. You've been very productive despite the cold! Hand dyed yarn seems to bleed also. But your quilt turned out great...both of them actually.