Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Stash Report

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas with family and friends. Both my sons were here for the holiday, and Rob's girlfriend Mary joined us for Christmas dinner, and we had a good time.

We got 17 inches of snow in my town during the blizzard last week. Portland had a record snowfall of 14 inches, the most ever during a single storm. Eustis, Maine got 41 inches of snow. Do you suppose AlG has been pulling our legs with this global warming thing?

Nothing in and nothing out from the stash this week. Even though I finished the year in the hole by 158 yards, I found the process of tracking the stash very entertaining, and I can truthfully say that I shopped with purpose when I did go shopping for fabric. Much of the fabric I bought this year was used for the patterns I tested for Koleen. She is taking a year off from designing, so I expect (hope) to be working more from my stash this coming year and shopping less.

I found it equally entertaining reading about everyone else's stashbusting efforts. In that regard, Vicky's stash reports were my favorite because of the wild swings in her numbers and the humor with which she treated it. Pat and Lori also had impressive stash reports for the year. Pat succeeded in using nearly all of what she bought, and she amazed me with her productivity. Lori actually used 128 more yards than she purchased, so she was a stashbuster extraordinaire.

I finished this little strippy today, which will be donated. I quilted it with the Effervescence pantograph from Willow Leaf. This is the design I plan to quilt on my Orange Crush, but I want more practice with it first, so I'll make another strippy for that. I had trouble with tension and loops on the back of this quilt. The loops disappeared after the first couple rows, and I never did figure out the cause of it, but I was messing around with the bobbin tension throughout the quilting process. I finally managed to get the tension adjusted correctly on the very last row of stitching. Tension is the one thing that still gives me fits.

I've finished binding three sides of the Tug of War quilt; and even though I am working the last three days of the year, I'll get it finished before New Year's.


Stephanie D. said...

Wow, what a blizzard! Hope this week is just a bit safer!

Lori in South Dakota said...

That's a lot of snow! At least you have hills and trees to make it "pretty". Here it is flat and we just have big drifts and huge white fields. And cold, NASTY cold! Tomorrow they are saying we will have 60 mph winds. UGH!!

Barb D said...

I have so enjoyed your "stash" reports this past year!! I'm thinking that I just might give it a try myself this next year!! I may not "join" with JL but I can still keep track and post each week.