Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hexies #9 and #10

Not only did I complete two hexies this week, one for last week and one for this week, but I had them done before I went to bed Friday evening. So yesterday I spent the day printing and cutting hexagons. I kitted up enough for five more blocks and planned out color combinations for another dozen or so. It also occurred to me that maybe I should start piecing some sashing strips, else I'll have a thousand cream colored hexagons to piece all at the end, which would be boring.

For the sashing I wanted to use this cream colored fabric with the red flowers on it left over from another quilt, especially since I have quite a bit of it left. I laid out a few blocks and some of the sashing pieces to see what it might look like, and I like it. I also realized that some of my color combinations may not work so well, like the blue and pink one, and I may have to replace them later on. On the other hand, they may look just fine when I have 80 blocks put together. I'm determined to have some pink in this quilt too, but maybe not that blue. Hmm, maybe a darker blue.

Today I'll work on a couple of sashing strips and start on another hexagon block tomorrow.


LC said...

I'm not a fan of hexagons, but I like what you are doing. the blue looks okay in the photo. It is soft, like a Dutch blue, and is a nice contrast... but you know best!

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

You hexagon blocks look great. Personally I like the blue, I wouldn't eliminate it until I laid out the whole quilt. I'll bet it looks great when you get all the many blocks together.

Paula said...

I like the blue too!! I say, never kick a block out of the quilt til all the blocks are done. Sometimes it surprises you what makes the cut and what doesn't. Looks great!!

Teresa said...

Your blocks are looking great. I to like the blue. Have to see how they look when all your blocks are done!!