Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Today was a sew day at Koleen's, and I worked on my Morningstar quilt. I've been working on this quilt on and off since February, and I am delighted to have the top finished finally. The deadline for completion is next Wednesday, so I must try to get it quilted over the weekend.

The Morningstar quilt was this year's challenge quilt for the Tacoma Lake Quilters. We found the pattern on the P&B Textiles website here.
I think there must be 15 or more of us that made the quilt, and all of the quilts will become part of an exhibit at the Maine State quilt show in July.
I have only a few photos of some of the other quilts, all of which were taken by my good friend Margo and posted on her blog. It's fun to see them all together and to see how different the same pattern looks with different fabrics and color placements.

Credit where credit is due: Morningstar quilt design by Linda Hohag.


Valentina said...

An amazing pattern and such stunning interpretations!
Yours is so lovely, Sue, Thank you so very much for sharing!
Hoping your finger is on the mend?

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Your quilt is beautiful. I love your colors!

LC said...

This post it super... love to see the different fabric choices. I really like yours!

Lurline said...

Hey, Sue - I have just Googled EQ7 and found your little note there and thought must pop over - do you think you will get EQ7?
Hugs - Lurline♥

Margo in Maine said...

Your quilt is beautiful as always all the quilts ....amazing how different they are...they are much prettier in person....we will all have them Weds exciting...they so fit each ones personal taste...see you Weds. What a beautiful display they will be at quilt show...

Purple Pam said...

Your Morningstar quilts are wonderful. It is so fun to see what quilters will do with the same pattern.