Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hexies #42, #43, #44, #45, and #46

Even though I was pretty busy in September, I didn't miss a beat with my hexagon blocks. I finished five more and started the next one this evening. I am determined to get these blocks done and get this quilt on my bed in my lifetime!

I haven't done much knitting all summer though, and I think the one-pair-a-month challenge has gone by the wayside. I have two different socks on the needles right now, but I've had so many other more pressing things to do that I've only knit a few rows here and there. In another week or so, I expect things will get back to a slower pace, and I hope to get back to my knitting. I have a new scarf and a sweater I want to start, but not until I get those socks done!


Erica said...

Great hexes!
I love those Civil War colors!

Judy S. said...

Love that green hexie. You're going to have one very pretty quilt one of these days. I agree, September was gone in the blink of an eye, and October is well on its way, too. Yikes!

Purple Pam said...

Love those hexies. I am so glad to be back on my computer again. It was unplugged for almost three weeks due to the remodeling of the back bedroom into my new sewing space. Now I am trying to get caught up on all my favorite blogs. And what do I see on your blog? Beautiful hexies! Hooray! Keep up the momentum.