Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ladder of Success

September is a busy month for most folks, and it was a busy month for me too. My son goes back to college, all my annual doctor's appointments occur this month, there's yard work to get done before the weather turns, window air conditioners get pulled and stored, window kits are prepared to keep winter's wind out, quilt group re-starts after the summer.... and there's always quilting.

I finished my raffle quilt last Thursday and sent it in to work with my husband the day after. Their raffle was supposed to be held yesterday, so maybe I'll hear how they made out later this week.

I was happy how it turned out; and I really like it, enough to want to make another some time. The quilt, called Ladder of Success, was designed by Judy Martin and appeared in the May/June issue of Quiltmaker magazine. It finishes to 72-1/2" x 92-1/2", so it's at least a twin size, maybe a double, unless you have one of those thick mattresses. I now have to make quilts for my queen-sized bed about 95" x 95" to accommodate a thick mattress plus a 2" topper. I practically have to have a step stool to get up into the bed.

I love the way the sky and the landscape looks in this photo--it's typical fall weather for us. It looks to me like the leaves have already peaked, so no leaf peeping tours this year. Saturday it drizzled all day, and today it poured for most of the day, so I went to a small local quilt show Saturday and hunkered down in the sewing room all day today. It'll be nicer this week.


Julie Fukuda said...

Thar quilt is lovely and looks quite complicated but I see it is a combination of four patches and nine patches. Very cleaver.

Denise said...

I love the way the sky looks this time of year......but I'm still sad thinking about what is to follow. We are prepping our yard, getting the wood in and finishing up the various outdoor projects as well. My favorite thing about winter is that things slow down and I have more time for working on my quilting!