Friday, February 27, 2015

February Finish

Yesterday I stitched out the label, added it to the quilt, and sewed the binding on the first side of the Carpenter's Star quilt. This evening I finished sewing the second side of the binding, took the photo, and then it went right into the wash. I reread the rules for a Quilt of Valor quilt, and apparently they'd like you to wash before you ship. The pillowcase will get done Sunday.

I worked feverishly all day on plaid blocks. They are easy enough to put together but time consuming. I need 49 blocks and have 8 left to sew. I think now, I'll probably start sewing rows together and use the last 8 blocks as leaders and enders. At least I'll feel like I'm getting along with it a little faster.

I'm also thinking it's not looking good to get the wedding quilt done by mid April. I generally work pretty well under pressure, but this is a lot of pressure! We'll see.


Judy S. said...

Great quilt! I also love the quilting on the QOV quilt. Who is the wedding quilt for? Maybe it could be for the First Anniversary? Sewing under pressure isn't much fun!

Chantal said...

Congrats on this beautiful finished. I love it.
Will the newly wedded leave on a Honeymoon? It could give you a week or two more. Just saying.