Wednesday, January 30, 2008

First Finish

This is the first quilt finished this year, from a pattern called Hand Picked Apples by The Quilted Cardinal. I searched high and low for apple fabric for the background, and when I couldn't locate any I chose sailboat fabric instead and named it Saturday On The Bay. The center squares in the star blocks were also supposed to be the same as the background fabric, but I thought it would be a great place to add a little machine embroidery.

I'm new at machine embroidery and have done just a few quilt labels. It took so much longer than I anticipated to get these 21 embroideries done, but it was worth the effort in the end.

I bought a couple yards of that navy blue fabric with the stars for another quilt that I made last year. When I used it all up, I was so relieved I could still get more. I worry about using up the last bit of a favorite piece of fabric, because I know I may not be able to find it again. Which is silly, but that's the way it is. In any case, I've certainly gotten alot of mileage out of it, and there's a little bit of it in my Quilt for an Hour project too.

Credit where credit is due:
Saturday on the Bay (Hand Picked Apples) quilt design by Koleen Painchaud, The Quilted Cardinal


Anonymous said...

Looking great...Margo

Pat said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm new to blogging too and was trying to do the linky thing...but I don't think it work. Your quilts are very pretty. I was thinking about doing that QFAH but seems like I got others calling to me!
Keep up the great work...

Mary said...

Hi Sue, this looks great. I bet those embroideries did take a long time.

You asked me if I bind the donated tops I quilt - the answer is yes except for the few occasions when the quilt is returned for the piecer to donate and I hand stitch them all - I sew them to the front by machine and then hand stitch them by down by hand.

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