Thursday, June 12, 2008

Garden Party

The peonies are abloom in my yard this week, and they're gorgeous. These plants are hardy enough that they'll come back year after year with no attention from me--which is good, because I have neither the time nor the expertise to care for them. I only wish the blossoms lasted longer.

In the ongoing War of the Violets, I worked out in the yard for about four hours yesterday evening and dug out rhizomes until my fingers were too sore to function anymore. We've finally gotten the upper hand and managed to eradicate them from the majority of the yard now, but we still have a few problem areas left to work.

As we were walking around in the newly seeded section of the yard, we discovered oh! horrors! a few violets coming up here and there. We dug every last one of them out and will have to continue to watch over the summer to dig out any new ones that may appear. I was hoping that scraping off the topsoil would have solved that problem, but I suppose a few that were missed was inevitable.


Catherine said...

The peonies look SO gorgeous! I can almost imagine the scent. Must hit the florist's tomorrow and see if there are any here yet!
What a fabulous grouping of patterns!

Margo said...

I love it what purchases...lots of work...I did bareroots(bird) the flowers.....

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

My peonies have buds but it will be at least another week before we have blooms. Like you I don't do anything to them (other than planting them!), but this year I did cage 2 of them because the flowers were so big last year that they fell over! Good luck with your continued violet battle.