Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Mess With the Email

I discovered a couple days ago that a bunch of my email was dumped into a spam folder by my ISP and that over 3200 pieces of mail was retained in one of my email accounts, which, after it was forwarded, was supposed to be deleted. That may have caused some bounces with a "full mailbox" message. The worst part was there was no rhyme or reason to it. My profound apologies to anyone who left a comment on my blog or emailed me and didn't get a response back. Apparently this has been happening since at least early February.

Our service was formerly provided by Verizon and has now been taken over by Fairpoint. The transition for phone service was seamless; and since our email continued to function in what seemed to be a normal manner, it didn't occur to me there may have been a problem. I knew from the newspapers that Fairpoint has been having lots of service issues; and we have been trying to access our account information online with no success until very recently, which is when I made this discovery. Fairpoint has made rather a mess of things, and it is nearly impossible to get Customer Service on the phone. One of Fairpoint's tech reps in Texas told me they couldn't even get their own CS folks on the phone. According to the newspapers, Fairpoint now expects operations to be normalized by June. What?

I considered switching services, but I hate the thought of changing email addresses all over again. Think of how many places you have to change it! So I'm sticking with Fairpoint for now. Now that I know to check the spam folder and my other account, hopefully I won't miss anything else.

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Karen said...

You could always create a gmail or yahoo account that you can use no matter who your ISP is. Just a thought.