Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Retreat

My good friend Sherry hosted a retreat for us in her home this weekend. Sherry has done this for us before--we always have lots of fun, and Sherry is always a wonderful hostess. We go about 9:00 Saturday morning, sew all day, have lunch and supper at Sherry's, then go home and come back Sunday morning at 9:00 for a second day of sewing. There were eight of us at the retreat.

Our project for the weekend was this snowman quilt that appeared in the most recent issue of Fabric Trends magazine. It's called "Under the Covers", and the original had a crazy pieced section under the mittens. Sherry used a novelty print in that section, which worked equally well.

BarbD, who comes up with so many creative ideas, planned to make the quilt this weekend with us, but she also worked up this miniature version before the weekend. How cute is that?

I bought this flannel quilt kit at the Heritage Celebration quilt show in Lancaster last year, so I decided to make it instead. It's called "Under The Stars", but the girls dubbed it "Stuck Up Snowmen". The snowmen have all been fused to the background fabric, but I haven't sewn them down yet, and I'll use a machine blanket stitch to do it. The squares haven't been sewn together either, just set in place for now. I'll start sewing them together this week, then add some borders.

After finishing the Springtime Stars quilt, I wasn't really much in the mood for another winter quilt, but I'm enjoying working on this one nonetheless. And the weatherman has predicted snow tomorrow. Sigh....

Credit where credit is due: "Under the Covers" quilt design by Pearl Louise Designs
"Under the Stars" quilt design by The Rabbit Factory


Exuberant Color said...

That is a cute quilt to finish out the snowy season.

Stephanie D. said...

How cute! Love all those snowmen quilts!

How many showed up at the retreat? Sounds like a good time.

Brenda said...

YOur retreat sounds wonderful. I love the snowman quilt.