Saturday, January 16, 2010


Who doesn't love quilted feathers? I've long admired anyone who can quilt them, and some day I hope to learn to do them freehand. In the meantime, a pantograph will work just fine for me.

I played on my Lizzie today and practiced this pantograph called Plumage by Willow Leaf Studio. I'm feeling comfortable with the design and would like to use it on my Pinwheel Party quilt tomorrow. My practice piece isn't perfect, so I'm hoping a busy quilt and matching thread will hide any imperfections.

Kris at Tag Along Teddies is continuing on with the One Project a Month Challenge again this year. I didn't sign up for it, but I am playing along as a personal challenge. Sign ups are closed now, but Kris maintains a list of particpants on her blog, if you're interested in following along. I cleaned up my list from last year, and so far I have.....nothing finished!

I also cleaned up my Power of Ten list. I didn't do very well last year, but I'm doggedly pursuing it again this year. Anything motivational is bound to be a help. I also mean for the list to reflect my goals for the year, to include every month one oldie but goodie (a UFO); 4 hexagon blocks (one a week); and an RTQ quilt (ready-to-quilt quilt--I have at least a dozen of these, large and small, still sitting around). So far I've got a good start on January.


Judy said...

That is my favorite panto...I could do it on every quilt but I don't. Once you get started on that panto, you will just glide along. My goal is to learn to do nice freehand feathers. Love the oldie but goodie phrase! It sounds so much better than UFO. ;-)

Stephanie D. said...

That's a cute pantograph!

Ah, matching thread--the free-hander's friend! lol

Kathie said...

I love feathers on my quilts, I request them a lot from the long arm quilter.
this looks great

Judy S. said...

What nice feathers you did, Sue! I like the oldie but goodie designation much better than UFOs...have a bunch whatever the name!

Lori in South Dakota said...

I love plumage! Don't sweat it, we are our own worst critics! And a print back helps hide the quilting, but I have done plumage with white thread on a navy blue back--it was stunning!

LC said...

These feathers look wonderful. Freehand is such a challenge but doing this will help you get the feel of it!

Barb D said...

Beautiful!! You did a great job! It looks really smooth !