Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hexie #37

I finished the last three seams on this hexagon block this evening, and I've got the next one all ready to start stitching tomorrow. I'm glad I dug out these blocks because I really do enjoy hand piecing.

This weekend was the annual quilt show hosted by the Pine Tree Quilters Guild for the state of Maine. Over 600 quilts, 40 vendors, special exhibits, lectures and demos, and of course, classes. I took classes on Friday morning and all day Saturday and have photos to share, plus some from the quilt show, and I'll upload those over the next few days.

After two full days at the quilt show, I was tired and my legs and back just ached. Hubby and I had planned to go to Card's Berry Farm Sunday afternoon to pick blueberries. I thought I might be too tired, but we went anyway and had a fun afternoon, even though we got caught in a downpour just as we finished picking and before we could get back to the car. These are high bush blueberries, which I prefer over the Maine wild blueberries, and we picked and froze about four quarts. We try to get out to pick blueberries at least once over the summer, and we always go to Rocky Ridge Apple Farm right down the road afterwards for a Rocky Reuben. It's a sandwich made with corned beef and homemade cole slaw and served on a kaiser roll, and it is THE best reuben we've ever had. A bottle of root beer and a freshly-made strawberry turnover topped it off.

Tomorrow I have friends who come over every Monday to sew with me, so quilting weekend continues for one more day.


FeatherDuster said...

How funny...I just got my hexagon blocks (same shape as yours) out a day ago and played with them on the bed. I really need to get back to mine. I don't think I've taken a single stitch on them in a year! I had really wanted to use pre-1840's prints in mine, but they are very difficult to find, so I may have to re-think my prints and colors.

Your weekend sounds exactly like my kind of thing. I picked blueberries each summer, for money, from about age 10 to 18. I also like picking them to freeze or make jam, pies, etc. Blueberry baked goodies are so yummy.

Patchwork Penguin said...

Every time I think of Maine and blueberries I think of "Blueberries for Sal"... one of my favorite children's books.

The hexies look great.... you are so making me want to do that with my Civil War prints.

glad you had a good time at the show.

Judy S. said...

Love this hexie! Aren't blueberries the best? And they freeze so easily and well too. Hope you had a good sew-in!