Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bloomin' Nine Patch

When I was unable to continue building the Tin Lizzie frame, I went over to Kay's for our bi-monthly quilt meeting. I'd been working on the binding for this Bloomin' Nine Patch and brought it with me and finished it Friday evening. This pattern is from the book Tradition With a Twist by Blanche Young and has been around a long time. Nine patch is one of my very favorite blocks, and this is a really easy quilt to piece. I already have fabrics selected for a couple more of these.

My husband's comment when he saw the Bloomin' Nine Patch for the first time was, we're not giving this away, are we? He loves it, almost as much as he loves this one I made for him last year, the Monticello quilt. This was a kit he picked out when we visited the Jinny Beyer Studio in Great Falls, Virginia a few years ago. He'd waited for years to me to finish a quilt for him and was so happy when I finally got this one done.

I am exceedingly fond of Jinny Beyer fabrics and border prints. They've been favorites of mine since I began quilting, so visiting her shop is always a heavenly experience for me.

I also love kits and have several others waiting in the wings. They're wonderful for those times when I just feel like piecing and don't want to go through the trial of choosing fabrics. It bothers me not that there may be a hundred or a thousand other people out there with the exact same kit. Chances are, I'll never see any of them; and in the meantime I have one in my home to enjoy using every day.

My good friend Ann quilted both of these quilts for me with a baptist fan, which is my new favorite quilting design.

Credit where credit is due:
Monticello quilt design by Jinny Beyer

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Becky said...

Your bloomin' nine patch is awesome. Your fabric choices are wonderful. I agree with your husband. Keep this one :) I've seen some pretty BNP's , but your's is right there at the top.

Becky in Georgia