Thursday, March 13, 2008

A New Quilt

The Zig Zag, Scrappy Bargello, and Turning Twenty quilts have all gone on the back burner for the time being. I will finish quilting the Zig Zag on my Bernina eventually; but I have something else in mind for the Scrappy Bargello, so I'll wait on that for a little while. I've also decided that I really am not crazy about the Turning Twenty quilt. Since I haven't yet sewn the blocks into rows, I'm going to cut up the blocks into strips and turn it into a lasagna quilt, like Bonnie has on her website. She calls her pattern Simply Strippy, and I think I'll like that much better.

In the meantime, I cut all the pieces for my next quilt using some of the fabrics I just bought. This quilt is a collaborative effort, so I'm not able to share much information about it right now; but it's a lovely pattern with easy piecing, and I think it will be beautiful when it's finished. I shortchanged myself on the background fabric by over a yard and had to order more from Keepsake Quilting. Thank goodness they still have it available! Hard to believe the pieces in the photo are for a queen-sized quilt, isn't it?

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Pat said...

Amazing how what seems like a little pile of fabric will turn into a queen-size quilt! Can hardly wait to 'see' what you do to your Turning Twenty blocks...ber it will turn out better than the original plan.