Thursday, September 4, 2008

Orange Crush Again...

... or maybe I should say still. Lately I have managed to get a few more border blocks finished in between blocks for other projects, and today I finished the rest of them and started sewing the blocks into rows. When I mentioned in my last post about how I wish quilters would share more about the ways in which they work on a quilt, Lori took me at my word and posted about how both she and her friend Henrietta approach the making of a quilt. I enjoyed reading every word about the nuts and bolts of their process. Lori likes to cut all her pieces right away, which is something I rarely do. It blew my mind to think about cutting 1,469 pieces for her quilt all at once, but I think it's a good idea to reevaluate the way I do things once in a while, and maybe this method has some advantages. Sometimes mindless piecing is really what I want to do! I thought the ziploc baggies were a great idea. See, that's just what I'm talking about!

Today was a Special Day, and I spent the entire day engaged in my two favorite activities, sewing and eating. I puttered around this morning finishing up the border blocks, one by one. I was focused, but some of these split half 4 patches, or whatever they were called, didn't come out to exactly the right size, so I was working with a paper foundation putting them together so they'd turn out the right size. Who would do it that way? Probably only me. It was a one by one kind of activity, and I poked along, thought about lots of other things, and just enjoyed myself.

Long about 2:00, I decided to make a blueberry pie with some fresh Maine blueberries I'd gotten at the grocery store the other day. The crust of my pie is a mixture of ground up oatmeal, ground up pecans, brown sugar, and butter, and it's delicious. The recipe calls for a cream topping, but I love the pie so much that I never made the topping before. Today I thought was a good time to try it. The topping is made with melted marshmallows mixed with half and half , whipped cream, and vanilla. Never did get around to finishing the topping. I melted the marshmallows and mixed in the half and half, stuck it in the frig, and there it sits.

Because it was a Special Day, my husband and I went to dinner at The Sedgley Place in Greene, and what a wonderful dinner it was. Like so many businesses in Maine, the building looks like it might once have been a private home in a quiet rural setting. The interior is decorated in such a way that you feel like you're eating in someone's home--wallpaper, lace curtains, fireplace, just a lovely quiet setting. No kids either. No menus. No annoying background music. No crowds. Just fine dining.

We had a 5-course meal with reasonable portions at reasonable prices--another thing that sets the restaurant apart. And absolutely everything was made from scratch in their kitchen, right down to the blue cheese dressing on my salad. For dinner I had creamy vegetable soup and mushroom caps stuffed with scallops for the appetizer; fresh homemade bread; all organic Maine grown vegetables in the salad and the meal; a 7-oz filet mignon grilled to perfection and Bearnaise sauce; and peach melba for dessert. Sound good? You bet! Surely this must be one of Central Maine's best kept secrets.

And now, I'm back in the sewing room!


Gretchen said...

Love your Orange Crush! Now I want to teleport myself to Central Maine so I can eat at that restaurant!!!! Sounds fabulous!

Lori in South Dakota said...

Special day? What was it--anniversary?? The orange crush is beautiful. And I never before added up how many pieces that quilt took--1,469 blew me away, and that doesn't include the sashing, cornerstones, setting triangles. Guess I'm better of not knowing! But although the pieces are small--they go together quickly! Your recipes had me drooling, no wonderful blueberries here. sigh Can we have the recipe anyway--can I use frozen blueberries?? I LOVE blueberries!

PS--I sorted the blocks into piles tonight, no blocks has a fabric repeated in it--yet! I may have to cut into that box of fabric.

Sandi said...

I found your post while searching for lace curtains. I love your quilt! I still very new at it, and one of the things I find so time consuming is the cutting of the fabric. I guess I would make more quilts if that didn't take so long... mmm that restaurant sounds divine.

Kathy Wagner said...

Sue - Your OC looks great! Good for you to keep at it!
Can you email me your blueberry pie recipe?!?!

Mary said...

Your OC looks great - one of my favorites that I've seen.

I rarely cut an entire quilt out at one time - I'm usually too impatient to start piecing. I also tend to make blocks in sets of 6-10 rather than doing all of one step first since I like to see the quilt develop.