Saturday, September 27, 2008

Star BOM Block 4

The rain we're getting up here in Maine tonight is heavy enough to interfere with satellite tv reception, so I thought I'd blog a little. We're already under a flood watch, and as Hurricane Kyle moves up into Maine tomorrow afternoon, the rain will be even heavier. Some news channels are referring to Kyle as a tropical storm, and it's supposed to stay to the east of us, so I'm not terribly concerned about it. It might be on the rough side downeast though.

I've gotten plenty of sewing done this week, but nothing I'm able to post a photo for. Remember the 560 half square triangle units I made for Koleen's quilt? Three of the four borders using those triangles have now been completed, and tomorrow I'll be working on that last border. I've had enough of half square triangles for a while!

I finished block 4 of JudyL's Star BOM last night. What should have been a very easy block caused me more grief than the first three put together. I cut the green and yellow triangles slightly oversized, and I was a little off when I squared up that whole unit in the middle. Then I had to fudge some of the other seams to make it fit right without chopping off all my points. I'll bet I restitched one of those seams about five times. Once I completed the entire block, I noticed there was a cut in the edge of one of the background triangles, so I had to rip that out and sew in a new one. Sheesh, I should have just watched tv last night!

Credit where credit is due:
The "Country Farm" block can be found in the EQ6 Block Library and is copyright-free.


Nancy W said...

I was just reading about Kyle...hope you're doing OK. Your block looks great, No one would know you had trouble with it as all your points look great.

Margo said...

Well I will try again..did not take my first comment...Judy L was saying she had goof's one day and I cannot imagine you Sue R (smile) make me feel looks great as always and no one would ever know....Kyle looks like it will pass without a serious harm..thankfully...