Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Stash Report

No pictures today, but I hope to have one tomorrow. Last Sunday I went over to my good friend Kay's house, and we worked on the placemats. I haven't finished those yet, but I will. I missed the Stash Report last Sunday because I got home from Kay's late and worked the next day. Each one of those placemats takes about half a yard, so there's a couple yards. I also gifted one yard away.

Today three of us went to Kay's, and we made pillowcases and had a great time doing it. Each pillowcase requires a yard or a yard and a quarter, so it's a good little stashbuster too. I finished one flannel pillowcase for my son to go with his flannel quilt I made him last Christmas. I also cut out two more to go with my Road to Many Friendships quilt that's on my bed now. Each of those pillowcases has another fabric added at the hem plus some piping, and I like the look of it so much. I'm also planning to make an0ther set of pillowcases for the quilt that's over to Koleen's being quilted now.

This Friday about half our group will get together at Kay's and make totes. The other half of our group is going to New Hampshire for the quilt show in Manchester. I had the option to go, but if I go, I'll buy, and I don't need to. How's that for self-control?

Here's the Stash Manager's Report:

Fabric used this week: 6-1/4 yards
Fabric used year to date: 132 yards
Fabric added this week: 1-1/2 yards (Keepsake medley)
Fabric added year to date: 246-1/8 yards
Net year to date: - 114-1/8 yards


Barb D said...

Actually, 6 of us are going to Manchester on Thursday - I won't be at Kay's on Friday as I need to take my friend Lois from Houlton back to the bus station. Catch ya next time!

Margo said...

Oh Sue you are not going??? I am ...have always wanted to do this is my trip at least once....will miss ya...I willl be at Kay's after work...see ya soon...