Monday, September 15, 2008


I had hoped to have both of these pillowcases done by the end of today, but I still have a little bit more to finish on the second one. I love the way this looks! For the next set, I'm going to insert a band of pieced blocks near the hem. Between pillowcases and tote bags, which is our project for Friday, I think I may be on a couple of new kicks!

Credit where credit is due:
No pattern was used to make these pillowcases.


Gina said...

They are great, and a lot quicker to make than quilts.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Stephanie D. said...

I like those! I could never figure out the use in making pillow cases for gifts unless they matched either the sheets or the blankets/quilts. Those look nice.

Beth said...

Your pillowcase looks terrific! I love the way it coordinates with the quilt. Really adds that special touch.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

GREAT idea!!! Looks really pretty. Gives me an excuse to buy an extra yardage when making a quilt for a co-ordinated look - oops, is that a good thing? LOL!


Dionne said...

I love the coordinating pillowcases. I think I'll try that the next time I make a quilt for my own use. It looks GREAT!

Holly said...

I need to make pillowcases to match my quilts. I love that quilt.

Candace said...

I like making and using homemade pillowcases. Yours is beautiful, and looks great with your quilt.

Barb D said...

I like those! You did a good job! I try to do that - especially when I make a quilt as a gift - give pillowcases too! Did I mention that I found some more of that print fabric(red/black/white) like I used in "Split Personality"? Yes!
Pillowcases for me!!
My grandkids "expect" pillowcases for Christmas! You should see some of the fabric I have collected just for that purpose - it's usually a really fun print that reflects their interests and personalities. I bought more fabric today - sure glad I'm not participating in that "Stash Report" thingy! I'd loose big time!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Your pillowcase came out beautifully. It must give you a warm and fuzzy feeling when you walk into your room to see such a nice looking bed.