Sunday, February 1, 2009


A couple of people asked about the thread I used for my Watercolor Bars quilt. It's called Invisafil, and it's a very fine, 100- weight, polyester thread that creates a fine quilting line and blends pretty well into the fabric. I thought it was a wonderful alternative to monofilament. I'm sure it would work very well for applique too, either hand or machine applique.

If you google it, you may find some different places that sell it; but I got mine from Sharla Hicks' website here. I've shopped at her site before. She has quite a wide range of different products, and she ships pretty quickly. More than once I've found things at her site that I wasn't able to locate elsewhere. I think her prices are pretty good too. No affiliation.


jovaliquilts said...

Thanks so much for the info! I will definitely give it a try. I have used monofilament but would like to find a replacement, and this may be it.

LC said...

Thanks for the info on the thread. Getting more than the basics is difficult here in Canada, so thanks for the link also. And I like that tote bag. Very nice work!

Barb D said...

Yes, thanks for the info on the thread - I may have to try some too! Lizzie liked it?

ANudge said...

I've been quilting with Invisafil for 2 years now and love it! It's great for machine quilting. I was told to use a 60/8 needle and have never had a problem since. Only thing - if the background is near the color of the thread forget about seeing where you already stippled - LOL.