Saturday, April 26, 2008

Quiltathon Day 1 - Orange Crush

I am off work the next four days, woohoo! so I'm having my own Quiltathon. I have a few other things I'll have to do over the weekend as well, but mostly I'm sewing! Today is Day 1, and my focus is the Orange Crush mystery quilt. Step 2 has already been published, and I'm still on Step 1 so I'm behind, but I'll catch up today.

9:00 am - Last night I finished sewing together the rest of the required 150 four-patch units, and this morning I am pressing and squaring them up.

4:00 pm - The four patch units are finished! Step 1 is now complete, and I moved on to Step 2. I needed to cut more strips for the next step, so I spent a fun afternoon going through my stash. Since I was pulling more fabrics for the Orange Crush, I also decided to cull some other fabrics that I'm tired of or don't like. Later next week or whenever I have some time here and there, I'll cut them all up and add them to the strip drawers. I've needed to do this for a long time, and it freed up some space in my fabric closets.

10:45 pm - I've finished sorting through my stash, the fabrics I'm using for the Orange Crush are in the wash, and I've started cutting strips for the squares in Step 2.

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