Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Stash Report

Today was Quiltathon Sunday for me, and I spent all day cutting strips and sewing them together for the Orange Crush mystery. All 300 subunits are now done, and I have sewn 10 four patch units together. Only 140 more to go!

I worked on my 30s repros quilt some more this week. I had also hoped to get many more log cabin blocks done; but that didn't happen, so I'll be working on these three projects again this week. Ideally I'd like to have the 30s repro quilt and the four patches done by the end of the week, and I'd like to get some log cabin blocks made. I'd feel like I was making some headway if I could get 12 or 14 done by next Sunday. When I've finished 50 blocks, I'll calculate about how much yardage I've used for them.

This week I used 3 yards for the four patch units, so here's the Stash Report:

Fabric added this week: Zero!
Fabric added year to date: 113-1/8 yards
Fabric used this week: 3 yards
Fabric used year to date: 61-1/8 yards
Net used year to date: -52 yards


Pat said...

That's a whole lot of cutting and sewing Sue. Good job on staying current with your projects.

Vicki W said...

I can't wait to see these Orange Crush quilts finished!

Vicky said...

I'm also anxious to see your Orange Crush. You are doing great on stashbusting!

Teresa said...

Hi Sue, Glad you stopped by. Your a lot farther along on your Orange Crush than me,, mine is in a pile on the cutting table! I can't start it until my granddaughters quilt top is done. Glad you like the embroidery, it's usually very relaxing to sit & watch the machine go unless like tonight, everything goes wrong & I spend over a hour picking out those tiny little stitches. I think it's time to put my feet up in he recliner & make more yo yo's. I never liked making them until the yo yo maker came along.