Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Disappearing Photos

The last time I posted to my blog I noticed that some of my photos had disappeared, leaving in their places little boxes with red x's in them. The funny thing is that when I looked at the html, the code for the picture was still there, and all the missing photos are still in Picasa. So I went through my entire blog and fixed everything. This evening when I checked my blog, darned if there aren't pictures missing again. How in the world could they just go missing, when I haven't changed anything since yesterday? Seems to me I remember seeing something about this before, but wouldn't you know I have no idea where I saw it. If anyone has a clue why this might be happening, I'd sure appreciate it if you'd email me.


Margo said...

That happened to me...but cannot remember 'why' ...blogs seem to have their own ideas of what to do...did the vendors last night...will do the quilts with my friends on Sat...good to see everyone....

Lurline's Place said...

Oh, Sue,
Chin up! Hope things have improved.
Quilty hugs - Lurline.