Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quilt Show

I have been in a slump the past several weeks, but now that my husband is back home, things will be better. His plane landed in Portland Wednesday afternoon, so my son and I drove down to pick him up, and we hooked up with my other boy and had dinner all together at Ruby Tuesday's. It was nice.

On the way to the airport, we stopped at the eye doctor's office in Brunswick. I called first thing Wednesday morning and had them cancel the order for my son's eyeglasses and had planned to discuss an alternative later in the day. Candace had the best idea though, to purchase the glasses somewhere else. So we walked two doors down to an optical shop and had the prescription filled there for about a third of the cost. I was a lot happier with that, and my son still got the new frames he wanted.

Maine Quilts presented its 31st annual quilt show this weekend, and I spent about four hours at quilt show on Friday afternoon. I had a half dozen or so photos to upload, but Blogger is not cooperating at all, so I'll have to try again tomorrow. Anyway, it was a fun show, and I found some things I wanted. I prefer to go to quilt shows by myself, because I like to poke around at all the vendors' booths first, then go back and poke around some more, then view the quilts and take a few photos.

I bought a new sewing table from Tony, a Janome dealer down in Biddeford who had a booth at the show. I'd been kicking around the idea for years, because I've used a big heavy trestle table since 1989, and it just takes up too much real estate. Margo bought one recently, and I was hooked after I saw hers, plus Tony had a pretty good show special. I also found a great collection of Kaffe Fassett prints that I want to use in the butterfly quilt.

I got a quilt show pin this year too, just for a change. The quilt show people never seem to order enough of these things; and unless you're there the first day, they always sell out of them. I've collected them for years and used to pin them all to my nametag until I accumulated too many and ran out of space. A long time ago I saw a small attic windows quilt that someone made (Bethany Reynolds maybe?) and she had a quilt show pin in each window. I thought it was a cute idea to display these, and I should probably get busy and make one sometime.

By the time I finished at quilt show, I was feeling very inspired and ready to get going again on my sewing machine. Too bad I had to work all weekend, or I might have actually got something done!

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Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Always nice to see a DH again! 2 years ago LB and I spent 6 months away from DH and it was entirely too much. Thankfully, our schedules have since changed! I don't know what table you bought, but I have my Nana's old table and it is really handy - although right now I have my machine set up on an old student desk - because I like the drawers! Basically any table that doesn't vibrate will make me happy!