Sunday, July 13, 2008

Garden Glories

More plants in my garden have come into bloom, including the hostas. We have lots of them that line the back walkway, and I like looking down the walkway at the sea of flower spikes. I think this plant with the purple flowers is a hollyhock. Last year I had a bunch of black-eyed Susans, but they never came up this year. I'm afraid I may have pulled them out by mistake, thinking they were weeds. It's one of the pitfalls of not being a gardener, and it's a darn good thing these plants tend to themselves.

My tomato and herb plants are also doing very well, and I'm worried they might outgrow their pots. These self-watering flower pots are really fantastic. All I have to do is just go out every four or five days and fill up the bottom of the pots with water. I have blossoms on both plants now, and we're just waiting for the tomatoes to grow. One of these is a regular tomato plant, the other will bear grape tomatoes. Have you *seen* how expensive grape tomatoes are at the grocery store?

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Amanda said...

Your hostas look lovely. We have so many slugs and snails and such damp weather that our hostas are always lost to them. Our hollyhocks haven't started flowing yet, but they're nearly there. By grape tomatoes I wonder if you mean the same as our cherry tomatoes?