Thursday, February 14, 2008

More Bad Weather

I have been doing battle with a cold all week long, so I had two good reasons not to go to work yesterday and today--a bad cold and bad weather. The snow rolled in early yesterday morning and dumped seven inches of wet, heavy snow before switching over to rain. It rained until nearly midnight, and the rain froze on contact, coating everything with ice. With all the snow and slush already on the ground, the water had no where to go, so roadways flooded. Then tree branches came down under the weight of the ice. We were fortunate not to have lost power, but many others throughout central Maine weren't so lucky. The people behind us still didn't have power this morning.

My husband and I walked around the house late last night to try to see how many tree limbs were down, and you could hear the trees cracking, and occasionally a limb crashing to the ground. This morning we could see it was mostly pine tree branches that came down.

My poor birches bent over to the ground under the weight of the ice, and one snapped in two. The temperature only rose to 32 degrees today, so not much melted. It did melt off the power lines and the tree tops, but not much else. I didn't venture out at all today, stayed home to nurse my cold; so I don't know what the roads were like.

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