Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Stash Report

I'm sorry to say that I didn't get nearly as much done in my sewing room as I would have liked this week, and no stash busted. I did finish this top though. Tonight I will start piecing the backing and get it ready to go to the machine quilter's on Friday.

I love this pattern! It went together pretty quickly. When I finished the top, I drafted it into my Electric Quilt program, played with some different color options, and tried a few other blocks in place of the nine patches. My son is getting this quilt, but I'm going to make another one of these at some point to keep for myself, using the same red, a tan background intead of cream, and warmer blues. I also love my EQ6!

I have a very busy week at work coming up, so I don't expect to accomplish much this week. My only goals this week are to get the Scrappy Trips top done, and to finish the binding on my other quilt. I only work on bindings for an hour or so in the mornings, so it might take me a week to finish a binding.

It is always a wonderment to me how some quilters are able to get the bindings sewn onto 3 or 4 quilts, machine quilt two others, and cut out the pieces for 3 tops, all in one day. Time management has always been an issue for me, and I know I am very distractable as well. It is next to impossible for me to sit still for even one hour and sew continuously without getting up and walking around and fiddling with something else, and I noticed that about myself again this week. I sit with a timer sometimes when I'm sewing, and that helps me stay focused. Keeping a list of what I've accomplished and where I'm going has also been a great help. At least I can see that I do get things done!

Credit where credit is due:
Quilt design by Judy Laquidara


Pat said...

You're doing really good. Getting your quilt top made is fantastic and loads bigger than the quilts I just got done making. Like your idea with a timer except the timer would need to tell me when to leave my sewing area *smile*

Lori in South Dakota said...

Don't fret, you're normal. I often wander around and forget what I was doing and work on another project. So long as you enjoy it!

Randi said...

Your quilt top is gorgeous!

Teresa said...

Hi Sue,, The Quilters flower garden blocks are my own. I started this quilt a couple yrs. ago when I was teaching quilting classes as a BOM. I plan to design 4 more blocks for a bed sized quilt. It's taking me forever to get things done lately!