Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunday Stash Report

I learned a new acronym at our state guild meeting in January--SABLE--Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy. I'm a member, so I'm interested in participating in the Sunday Stash Report.

I worked some more on my Quilt For An Hour project this week. I'm counting 1-1/4 yards for the nine patches and 1-7/8 yards for the cream background. Since this is my first week counting, and since I bought the red last year just for this project, I won't bother myself about it.

I also started Bonnie's Scrappy Trips Around the World this afternoon. I'm making my blocks 5 squares x 5 squares, instead of 6 x 6, since I already had a couple blocks made from a while back when I was experimenting with it. I'd like to make 20 blocks, in a 4 x 5 layout, and I've got the strips all cut. That's another 2-1/4 yards, for a total this week of 5-3/8 yards.

Gosh, that's more than I would have thought. I can't remember that I've bought any fabric yet this year; so if I keep this up, I might actually make some headway.

This week I'd like to get the borders on the Quilt for an Hour, cut the backing, and get it over to my machine quilter's. I'd also like to finish the Scrappy Trips blocks. I'm very slow at sewing, so if I get these two tops done this week, I'll be doing very well!


Pat said...

What a great start! I was also suprised at how fast the yardage adds up when I started keeping track (this is only my second week!) Don't worry about slow sewing...just have fun and go at your own pace. after I finish the little quilts, I'll be moving to throw size and those take me longer to sew and finish up!
That pumpkin roll looks yummmy! My son is also interested in culinary arts...but now he needs to finish HS (he's a junior).

Teresa said...

Hi Sue, I just stumbled onto your new blog! Love your quilts. I 2 have a Bernie 200 E & like to add embroidery to everything! And started my blog in Dec. I'll check back often!