Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Stash Report

Being sick all week long was certainly not helpful in achieving my goals, but I did get the backing pieced for the QFAH project and got it over to Koleen's for quilting. Originally I thought I would piece larger cuts of different fabrics together, similar to a backing that I saw on Mary's blog; but the panels I had leftover from my Lover's Knot from a long time ago were plenty long enough. So I sewed six of them together to make the backing.

This week I also bought 2 one-yard pieces of a tobacco colored fabric, one of which will be used on the next quilt in line for binding. I had the binding for this quilt stashed away somewhere, and I've torn my sewing room apart looking for it and haven't found it yet. You watch, soon as I get the new piece cut, I'll come across it! Anyway, I didn't know which color would be a better match for my quilt, so I bought both.

I also bought 6 yards of red fabric to be used for the binding of my QFAH and for a second QFAH, same quilt, different fabrics (except for the red). I thought I had already bought enough of that red to include the binding for the first quilt, but if that's anywhere in my sewing room, I can't find that either! I ordered these three fabrics by mail; and I haven't received them yet, so I'm not counting them yet!

Stash busted this week: 5-1/8 yards
Total stash busted since Feb 3: 10-1/2 yards

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Sewbaby said...

Great Job with the stashbusting!