Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday Stash Report

Another week has come and gone, and I finished binding the Road to Many Friendships quilt and put it on my bed. I have some background fabric left over, and I'm going to make a couple of pillowcases with it and use the blue print to trim it, maybe use the red for some piping. I saw this idea in a quilting magazine and thought it was a great alternative to pillow shams, which would take a lot longer for me to make.

Koleen has given me the last pattern I'm going to work on for her this year, and I was overjoyed to find all the fabric I needed for it in my stash, with the exception of the green. I scoured four of the local quilt shops for something that appealed to me and found nothing, so my husband and I made a day of it and drove down to New Hampshire to Keepsake Quilting.

Keepsake Quilting is across the street from a lake; so while I was shopping, my husband entertained himself watching people with big trucks trying to back their boat trailers down the ramp into the water. I guess it was quite a spectacle; and according to my husband, the wives were absolutely useless as directors. I suppose I would probably be in that same boat. No pun intended.

There is the most wonderful little barbecue place about 20 miles away from Keepsake, and it's right on the way, so we stopped there for lunch on the way back. Not only is the barbecue exceptional, but they make great coleslaw and baked beans too. I think that's probably the highlight of the trip for my husband.

Anyway, I really liked the green batik in the picture, but there were less than 2 yards left on the bolt, and I needed close to 4. So I found another Bali batik that has the same colors but no leaf design or anything on it and will use that in the borders. I also picked up some yardage of several other fabrics I intend to use for Gingerbread Jingle, another of Koleen's patterns.

I haven't make a Christmas quilt in a while, so I'm using Christmas fabrics. It's another large quilt, with 25 blocks in the center and a pieced border. I've cut out the pieces for the first 12 blocks, a portion of which you can see in the photo, and have started working on those.

Here's the Sunday Stash Report:

Fabric used this week: 2-1/8 yards
Fabric used year to date: 117-1/2 yards
Fabric added this week: 13-1/2 yards
Fabric added year to date: 244-5/8 yards
Net year to date: - 127-1/8 yards

And look! Yes, we have red tomatoes! Unfortunately it's just these two, which is only a couple of mouthfuls; but more are on the way! The big ones haven't started to turn yet.


Lindah said...

Hi Sue
I'm not sure whether I have commented on your blog in the past. I added north winds to my bloglines several weeks ago--and that means that I don't want to miss reading it! :-)
Your Road to Many Friendships is beautiful. I wouldn't mind having that on my bed! :-) Actually, I think it would be very nice done in Christmas fabrics, too. Is this patter from a particular book? If you would steer me toward a source for the pattern I would appreciate it.
Your tomatoes are looking good...just a little more time. How late does your growing season last? We are in northstate Calif. and our plants already have the end of season pale look about them. It is so very hot. I will give them a little more fertilizer and keep watering to encourage them, but it probably won't help.
Enjoy your tomatoes!
Linda H

Lori in South Dakota said...

Tomatoes here are really ripening. I canned 11 qts tonight. And I've been eating them--plain, on burgers, on sandwiches. I LOVE it when the tomatoes are ripe! I hope yours ripen soon.

Amanda said...

We're at about the same stage with our tomatoes - we've had several yellow cherry tomatoes from our hanging basket plants, but the green tomatoes are just about starting to change. Let's hope we get some sunshine before long to speed them along their way.

Pat said...

Your Roads to Many Friendships looks really nice! and it must be cozy on your bed :)

Sounds like a fun trip to Keepsake Quilting and I'm happy you were able to find fabric to start on your next project :)

Looks like pretty soon the tomatoes will be ready for harvesting :)

Margo said...

Your road to many friendships is beautiful...that is one of my favorite patterns of Koleens'..umm tomatoes...glad for the promise of sun for a few days...I have never been to Keepsake...but one of these days...the lake sounds good for a drive with my husband...I can entice him maybe (smile)he likes to take trips...

Dionne said...

I love your 'Road to Many Friendships' quilt. Our tomatoes haven't done so well this year. Bummer.... but there is promise of sun soon. Your stash report is lookin' good!

Keep Quiltin'

Teresa said...

Hi Sue, It's been way to long since I've been able to visit your blog.Your quilt is just beautiful! If I ever get my sewing room all together again, I would like to make one. I've been collecting fabric for a new quilt for Myself & that one just might work! Oh to have fresh vine ripened tomatoes! Next year we are planning a garden if we can figure out how to keep the rabbits out! Maybe build a dog run around it. Well, I better get back to unpacking.