Saturday, May 29, 2010

Interchangeable Bag

I had such a fun day yesterday at quilt group. We had a workshop to make these interchangeable bags, and all of them turned out so cute. It's a great way to use those novelty fabrics that are too small for a pillowcase and you can't think what else to do with them. What's unique about the bag is that the knobs at the ends of the handles unscrew so you can slide the handles out of the fabric casing and switch out the bag bottom with another one.

The bag bottom was pretty easy to make, and it wound up being about a four-hour project. Now that I know how to do it, I expect the next one would go faster. There are four pockets inside the bag, which are just the right size for a cell phone, a tissue pack, keys, or whatever. If you wanted to, it wouldn't be difficult to alter the pocket dimensions to accomodate the things you like to carry in your purse.

There are a couple of commercial patterns available. We used this one called "Sassy Snappy Purse" from Pleasant Pond Studio. You can contact the designer at


Elisabeth said...

This bags is realy nice. Lucky you.

Joan said...

THe bags look great - thats not something I have been good I love to se what others do :)