Monday, August 20, 2012

Hexie #40

There has been no let up around here with my schedule lately. This is the hexagon block for last week, but this is the first opportunity I've had to get it posted. I do like the color of that outer ring, sort of a salmon color. One more hexagon block, and I'll hit my halfway point. Yay!

The original hexagon quilt I was trying to replicate appeared to me to be reds, pinks, blues, browns, and tans--and I tried to maintain that color scheme for a while. But I found I wanted more color, so I added greens and yellows. Before I'm all done, I may have to throw a few purples in there too.

My Christmas Lights quilt is off the frame now, and I'm trying to finish up the binding before the end of the month. I won't be loading another quilt until I get the raffle quilt done, and then I'll load that one. My deadline is looming.

It's been three weeks since Maine Quilts, my state guild's annual quilt show, and I still haven't gotten any photos posted from that show; and I went to another quilt show last Thursday. We went to the Mancuso show in Manchester, New Hampshire. I had a great time but didn't take many photos because the great majority of quilts in the show were art quilts. While I appreciate the effort and workmanship in many of those quilts, I am a traditional quilter through and through, so there are very few art quilts that inspire me enough to take a photo. My favorite though was an Asian themed crazy quilt that had tons of handwork and embellishments. I'll try to get those photos posted in the next couple days. I know I have some emails to answer too, and I'm trying to get to those as well.


LynCC said...

Nice hexie. I'm looking forward to getting to see a high-level quilt show now that we've moved near enough to get to a metropolitan area. Will look forward to seeing your photo shares from the Manchester show. :)

Purple Pam said...

Yes, yes! I vote for more purple in those terrific hexies.

Judy S. said...

Another great hexie! How many of these do you have to make?