Friday, August 31, 2012

Last Finish for August

At long last, my Christmas Lights quilt is finished. I'd only used that Poinsettia pantograph once before; but I'm crazy about it on this quilt, so I'll use it again on another Christmas quilt.

At the Mancuso show in New Hampshire a couple weeks ago, I found a new King Tut thread, variegated in red and green. Wish I'd had that before I started quilting this quilt. Gorgeous thread, King Tut, but pricey.

The backing is a flannel sheet, and I think it's perfect for the quilt. I intend for this to be a sofa quilt, and flannel is warm and snuggly. I don't know why I didn't think to use flannel sheets years ago. A queen- or king-sized sheet is large enough to eliminate piecing the back, and they're available in all cotton. A good quality flannel will not pill; and depending on where you shop, the price can be less expensive than buying backing from a quilt shop.

Credit where credit is due: Christmas Lights designed by Bonnie Hunter, Quiltmaker Nov/Dec 2009.


Denise said...

The quilt is beautiful, I have been wanting to make a quilt from Bonnie Hunter, might have to pull out the book!

Thanks for the idea of using a flannel sheet, I guess would have worried that it would not shrink the same as the fabric on the front, but they are both cotton so it should be okay, gonna have to try it.

Have a wonderful long weekend.


Julie Fukuda said...

Looks great! Flannel sheets might be good for backing on quilts for a Japanese futon. As they are laid out each night and picked up in daytime, bedding that tucks all around is less important than having something that doesn't slide off when you roll over.

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Your quilt is beautiful and your are so smart to use the flannel sheet for backing. I think I'm going to have to try that!