Friday, August 31, 2012

Hexie #41

This hexagon block was the one for last week, I just didn't get it posted because we were on travel. I've already finished the one for this week, but I'll wait til Sunday to post it. Half way there--41 blocks left to go.

This past Wednesday I went to Busy Thimble to look for some purple civil war repros. I was kicking around adding some purples, and Purple Pam convinced me to do it. I found a few, but purple didn't seem to be a popular color back then. But I'm very partial to Jo Morton fabrics, and she's come out with a new collection that features oranges and yellow greens. I really liked them, so I thought, why not? I found some salmon colors I liked too. You'll be seeing all those in upcoming blocks. You know how some quilters say to "let the quilt speak to you"? Well, this quilt is really speaking to me. I'm not sure how much it will look like the original at this point, but I think I'll really like it.


Denise said...

Love it so far, but I too love Jo Morton, can't wait to see the new fabrics when you add them.

Purple Pam said...

Yeah! Half way there, Go girl go! Glad you had a good trip, even with the heat. Heat wears me out big time, too.