Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Orange Crush Step 3

I had a late shift today, so I knuckled down this morning and finished up the last of the half split four patch units before I went to work. 44 units for Step 3 was really a baby step compared to the first two steps. Now I'm excited to see the next step.
There are now 94 people on the Mystery Quilters Web Ring! As much as I enjoy seeing what other folks are doing, there's just no way I can get through all the blogs on the ring. So I try to choose a few different ones each time I have an opportunity to do a little surfing. How does everyone else do it? A few at a time, like me? View them all once a week? Bloglines?


Amanda said...

I've just started using Google Reader and that really works. I had to put in a bit of time adding all the addresses, but now I just scroll down the list and it highlights blogs with new posts. It saves so much time.

Kathy Wagner said...

When I have some time I just start at my own blog and go through the sites by either following the "next" sites and then the next time I hit the "previous" sites. Over time I manage to get around to most of the sites.