Friday, May 30, 2008

QFAH - Hour 7

Between work and working in the yard, it's been another really busy week. Something had to give, and it was the sewing. I did manage to get another 19 blocks made during the evenings, 6 for the Orange Crush mystery and the rest for a new project I'm working on for Koleen; but the QFAH project fell by the wayside for most of the week. I spent quite a while today catching up, and I've finished Hour 7 and have gotten started on Hour 8, the last hour!!

I wish the picture was a little better, but I lost a lot of space in my sewing room when I brought the long arm in. My design wall is actually 6 feet by 12 feet--an awesome space in which to work--but there are too many things in the way of it now to get a good photograph the way I used to. I may eventually move my longarm into another space, but for now this is it.

The landscaper has been here all week. We asked him to pull out about 6 stumps of lilac bushes that we cut down because they were old and overgrown, and he tilled up most of the yard on the one side of our front walkway, leveled several areas, put down new topsoil, limed, fertilized, and seeded. Our job now is to keep the area moist so the seed will sprout. It is astonishing how much space the lilac bushes and a former garden took up in the yard; and now the yard is so open and looks so much larger. Because the landscaper scraped off the top few inches of dirt, I'm hoping that will solve the problem with the wild violets.

On the other side of the front walkway, however, we have seeded and overseeded some areas, and I've spent hours digging out dandelions and wild violets. They seem to sprout up and spread overnight, but we are on the attack now with some herbicide and just plain hard work digging them out. We WILL get the upper hand!


Pat said...

your QFAH is looking really good!

yards are a funny thing...what you want to grow doesn't and what you don't want to grow seems to sprout wildly! sounds like you have a good plan to attack the dandelions and wild violets!

Vicki W said...

Your QFAH looks great!!

Teresa said...

Your QFAH looks great! I want to make another one with more traditional colors & more contrast in the background. But that's way down the road yet. My daughter was just here for a visit & she was laughing at all the dandelions in our yard & pasture & let me know how I used to make them dig them out! My neighbor sprays all the time, but there must be a million at least in every horse pasture in area, so I gave up.

martha said...

Your quilt looks great - I am just a little bit behind you...I hope to catch up tomorrow. It is funny, you and I seem to be working on all the same projects, including our yards!