Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Stash Report

Nothing in this week, and I used 1-1/4 yards for Part 5 of the Orange Crush mystery. Bonnie posted the latest part last night, and I cut up the fabrics for it this morning.

Today JudyL asked if we had a goal for stashbusting and if we were approaching the halfway mark since 5 months of the year are nearly gone by. When I first started tracking how much fabric I was buying and using, it never really occurred to me to set a goal; and even if it had, I wouldn't have known what kind of a goal to set. How can you do that if you've no idea how much fabric you actually use in the course of a year or even a month? I certainly haven't been very good at being a stashbuster because I've bought far more fabric this year than I've used; but tracking it has been a real education for me nonetheless. I never would have guessed that I would have used up over 70 yards of fabric in 5 months, or that I would have bought over 125 yards so far this year.

Maybe I'm really a Stash Manager, not a Stashbuster, something that Evelyn has alluded to before. I'm pleased that I've been busy enough to use over 70 yards of fabric this year. And I'm deliriously happy that I've gotten rid of a lot of fabric that I've had for far too long, especially some of the ugly stuff, and replaced it with something more current in my stash. I've already finished 8 quilts and quilt tops this year and expect to have at least 4 more tops done by the end of June. Not as many as some folks, but back in 2006 I only finished 2 quilts, so it's really good for me. Thanks to JudyL, Bonnie Hunter, and my good friend Koleen, I am more motivated, I'm working smarter, accomplishing much more, and having the most wonderful time doing it.

Maybe next year I'll actually set a goal for stashbusting...maybe.


Pat said...

You are doing great keeping on track for all your projects!
Stash Manager...I like that idea :)

Anonymous said...

Stash Manager - That sounds wonderful. I think it's great to keep your stash current and usable instead of beating outselves up about having a stash at all.

Lori in South Dakota said...

When you think that it will be a dozen tops/quilts this year, that is one a month. And that's a lot!